No More Tears (NMT) is a Miami-based non-profit organization that aids victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. It is extremely significant for organizations such as NMT to exist. More lives need to be saved while stopping the cycle of violence by rescuing these women and children and giving them a real opportunity to take their lives back and feel safe. No one affiliated with No More Tears is on a salary, not even Somy Ali, the founder. No More Tears is run entirely by volunteers. All donations are used directly in their victims' assistance programs. 

The Hand in Heart Awards gives us the opportunity to recognize outstanding women in our community while spreading the word about No More Tears. Honorees are chosen for their contributions and leadership in the following categories:

The activist is leading the charge in support of improving our community, spearheading impactful projects with passion and aiming to make a real difference.

Committed to bringing global attention to Miami's cultural platform while actively participating in its growth and development, the artist has provided outstanding support to the arts in our city.

This honoree has selflessly given her efforts, time, and life to helping causes that make a significant impact in our community. The philanthropist's unparalleled dedication serves as a true inspiration for all.

The influencer is in a position to bring awareness to individuals on issues that matter. This woman knows the power of her message and uses it to uplift everything around her.

A brilliant mind with a fearless attitude to match, determined to create change, the pioneer embodies innovation while being a trailblazer for the rest of us.

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Founded in 2007, No More Tears (NMT) is dedicated to rescuing and empowering victims of sexual and physical violence, as well as human and sex trafficking in South Florida.

NMT is the passion project of founder Somy Ali, a survivor of sexual and physical violence herself. Motivated by her own experiences of severe abuse growing up in Pakistan, Somy, along with her team of volunteers, works tirelessly and without taking salary to give victims new lives and promising futures.

Initially, Somy poured $300,000 of her savings into NMT, and now supports the organization and its comprehensive life-saving services through public donations. Since no one at NMT takes a salary, all funds are directed toward services that include emergency stays, food and clothing, accompanying survivors to court hearings, therapy, immigration and family attorneys, medical care, driving lessons, rental assistance, and enrollment into nursing programs to establish job opportunities for the survivor. NMT has enabled victims to graduate as paralegals, lawyers, nurses, teachers, and many other professions by enrolling and paying for their education. NMT’s goal is to make the victims independent while giving them therapy, thus healing them and empowering them at the same time.

Since its inception, the organization has rescued more than 704 adult victims and more than 21,232 children victims of severe sexual and physical abuse. Out of those victims, only two returned to their abusers. That’s an unprecedented statistic for a nonprofit and domestic violence victims. NMT attributes its success to the fact that it provides immediate assistance to victims, does not keep anyone on a waiting list and all cases are personally handled by Somy and the help of interns and volunteers. NMT works with all police departments in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties along with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.